Thursday, October 29, 2009

Youth For Change Carnival

Youth For Change Carnival Rainforest, Lower Ground, New Wing, One Utama Bandar Utama, MY ... Read More
The Youth For Change Carnival is an event to enable the young people in the Klang Valley to register as a voter, therefore discharging their duties as citizens and to enable changes in the country. With performances by top Malaysian independent musicians such as
-Seven Collar T-Shirt,
-Liyana Fizi,
-Robot Asmara,
-Reza Salleh,
and many more, the Youth For Change Carnival aims to draw in thousands of youths from around the Klang Valley. At the carnival, those who have yet to register to vote will be able to do so easily at attractively designed booths, while standing a chance to win numerous prizes as well as freebies. In addition to live music,

Other attractions at the carnival includes: -
Creative Mart / Flea Market Stalls - Art Exhibition - By Findars, Lim Keh Soon, Tey Beng Chee, Urniez - Young Voters Registration Campaign – By Y4C - T-Shirt Production Workshop - 15 Malaysia screening,

..from 1pm - 3pm.

through my window

tgok x iklan tm net??
lagu yg play kat iklan tuh lagu BUNKFACE.
memetik kenyataan satu newspaper ni, ade seseorang yg x dikenali antar cd yg hanye ade lagu,URL web and lagi satu lyric lagu tuh
kat cd tuh die tulis 'open for colaboration'. pastu die anta kat agensi2 and tm adalah salah satu agensi yg kolaborasi ngan lagu tuh.
penuh ngan misteri bile kat cd tuh xnyatakan sape yg nyanyi. tapi bagi yg bese dengar lagu bunkface, mesti dapat cam sape yg nyanyi..
skang ni yg beta tahu, tomok, shila ngan sape ntah lagi sorang tuh. x ingat lah..(heee) akan berkolaborasi utk lagu tuh. ehm..aizat pown sudah ada versinya yg tersendiri
nway, for more info surf je

Saturday, October 24, 2009

first time user

first time blogging
still figure this thing out
nway, welcome!!

baby saya

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